Women’s Leadership Blueprint™: Development Strategies & Tools

Develop Women in Your Organization to Lead and Succeed

Women’s Leadership Blueprint AssessmentTM

This proprietary research-based assessment is comprised of the nine leadership competencies in the Women’s Leadership Blueprint and the unique behaviors of each – the behaviors that matter most.

This online multi-rater assessment gives women a platform to rate themselves and have others rate them on these behaviors.

The resulting individual feedback report shows individual participants’ strengths and development gaps for each of the nine competencies.


Women’s Leadership Blueprint Development Actions GuideTM

For each of the nine Women’s Leadership Blueprint competencies, the development actions guide provides suggested on-the-job initiatives / projects / activities and reading suggestions to develop that competency.


Women’s Leadership Blueprint Targeted Workshops

For each of the nine Women’s Leadership Blueprint competencies, there is a full-day experiential workshop to build the specific skills of that competency and to strengthen connections among the women who are current or emerging leaders. We work with clients to customize the workshops as needed to meet their needs.


WLB Coaching

Women’s Leadership Blueprint certified coaches provide one-on-one and group coaching.

Coaches also develop women to be peer coaches and establish peer coaching networks.  


Talent Review Of Women And Development Strategy

For an effective women’s leadership development program or initiative, we work with senior management to determine measurable goals that align with their business strategy and culture.

With the aggregate data collected from the Women’s Leadership Blueprint Assessment, we work with senior management to create a development strategy that addresses the strengths and development needs of the women in their organization and is aligned with the organization’s goals.