Performance Management

Why should any organization care about performance management? After all, performance appraisals are the bane of nearly every manager’s existence and employees dread them.

As our friend Tamra Chandler says in her book How Performance Management is Killing Performance – and What to Do About It, the three common goals of any performance management program should be to (1) develop people, (2) reward equitably, and (3) drive organizational performance. What better reasons to care about performance management?

Talent Strategy Partners designed BCPerformance Connector™ to help organizations achieve these three performance management goals, tailoring the mechanics to fit the needs of diverse functions across the organization and making it, as Chandler says, “employee-powered.”

BCPerformance Connector combines the power of Culture Engine™ with Talent Strategy Partners’ years of expertise in performance management to align employees’ goals and behaviors with the business strategy and culture. The design, in workbook form, speeds up internal design team discussions and reduces consultant involvement. It’s do-it-yourself with help.

The end product? The right results achieved the right way.