Leadership Development

Providing your leaders with meaningful development can be a challenge. They may think they’ve experienced it all, or that the latest popular “off-the-shelf” leadership training program is what they need.

We engage senior management through experiential development opportunities. We help them understand and embody company-specific competencies that will create or reinforce the culture needed to drive organization success.

Leadership competency modeling
  • Enabled using TSP's proprietary research-based competency database
  • Identifying key leadership skills, knowledge and behaviors
  • Designing customized leadership models
  • Updating and validating existing leadership competency models
Leadership assessment
  • Coordinating multi-rater assessments for promotion and development decisions
Leadership development infrastructure
  • Building leadership development curriculums
  • Developing strategies for attracting, retaining, developing and advancing leaders from diverse backgrounds
  • Designing and delivering competency-targeted workshops
  • Creating customized competency-based development action guides
Leadership succession
  • Facilitating talent review of emerging leaders
  • Developing a slate of candidates for mission-critical jobs
  • Determining each candidate’s development needs and how these needs will be addressed by the leadership development infrastructure