Aligning Business Strategy and Culture

Boy, was Peter Drucker right when he said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!”

Culture defines how work gets done in an organization. Strategy defines the work the organization wants to get done. When they are misaligned, culture trumps strategy every time. Change efforts fail, financial performance suffers, innovative ideas die on the vine, a competitor with a culture that supports their business strategy eats your lunch!

We don’t claim to be experts in strategic planning, but we do know more than a thing or two about culture and alignment. We've captured our culture alignment expertise in two web-based  tools.

The first is Culture Engine™. It combines our knowledge of culture with your knowledge of your business strategy. The end result is a roadmap to alignment: alignment of strategy and culture and, because culture is the shadow of the leader, alignment of leadership competencies and culture.

Our second tool addresses another important alignment component – managing individual performance. Your leadership team alone can’t achieve the organization’s goals. That takes the concerted effort of every employee.

Our proprietary technology BCPerformance Connector™ creates the first draft of a simple, culturally-aligned performance management design. Then, we help you tailor the design to drive desired behaviors and create a common purpose – alignment – throughout your organization.