Board Mandates Higher-Skilled Managers


Strengthen the management skills of existing talent.


The management team’s competency assessment scores increased an average of 15 percent over 18 months. The largest increases were in the five competency areas that were seen as the greatest development needs for the management team and were therefore, targeted by workshops. Of particular note was a 17 percent increase in the demonstration of Managerial Planning, which increased effective delegation and led to greater work efficiency throughout the organization. The workshop series also fostered networking and inter-departmental bridge building among managers who typically didn’t work together.


After building a competency model for the middle managers, we conducted multi-rater assessments for 250 participants. Based on the results, we created customized, targeted competency development workshops for the competencies that were the greatest development need for this group. Each workshop included a development action guide to help managers build their skills on the job. These experiential workshops, facilitated by TSP principals, included case studies, group and individual exercises, brainstorming, and illustrative games.