Seamless Culture Merger


Enable the smooth integration of a managed care company’s acquisition that increased case management revenues by 75% and the employee population by 50%.


Our analysis of both the acquiring company’s and acquired company’s cultures highlighted pain points and enabled a plan for smoothly integrating the acquired company employees. Employee productivity and retention remained strong throughout the transition. Sales trajectories were unaffected by the acquisition. Benchmarking after the first six months found the company operating as a cohesive, established unit. The benchmarking also pointed out areas in need of further improvement. Since then the organization has continued its growth by acquiring six more businesses. It has healthy free cash flow as well as stable revenues and earnings from its strong market position in workers’ compensation managed care services.


Starting with analyses of the client’s culture and that of the newly-acquired company, we sought to identify gaps. We identified and delivered targeted strategies for aligning core competencies (identified through a previous TSP engagement), thereby accelerating the integration and minimizing negative impacts.