Karen Basile

Former Director Talent Management, VWR
Now VP Enterprise Learning, Johnson Controls

Talent Strategy Partners, as their name implies, is a great partner. They helped us [at VWR] align our organization strategy with a robust competency model and specific behaviors our associates needed to demonstrate for success. Their expertise was invaluable to guide us from analysis through implementation of the project.

Mindy Tarlow

Former Executive Director, CEO
Now Managing Director, Blue Meridian Partners

When Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) completed its first comprehensive business plan in 2004, we knew we needed a strategy to roll the plan out to all CEO staff. Talent Strategy Partners worked with CEO’s senior management team to create a communication and training plan that was fully aligned with our business plan goals. Our partnership with Talent Strategy Partners was crucial to our ability to build knowledge, buy-in, and enthusiasm for the plan among our front-line workers and mid-level managers. This was a key to the plan’s success and our ability to exceed our goals.

Rob Croner

Former Senior Vice President Human Resources, Radian Group
Now Senior Vice President Human Resources, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Working with Talent Strategy Partners [at Radian Group] was a productive and enjoyable experience. They helped enhance our HR Business Planning activities – both content and process. A deeper, richer needs assessment approach helped us frame business and organizational issues so we were able to link HR activities directly with business objectives. Also, I most enjoyed having Carol and Pat as an informal sounding board to help think through issues. They bring a unique blend of theory and practical application, coupled with consulting and relationship skills that, simply, make you want to work with them again.

Carol E. Jensen

Retired Chief Marketing Officer, Wawa, Inc.

We've come a long way in a short time, and Talent Strategy Partners has played an integral role on the team. This leadership competency model will have a tremendous impact as we continue to grow the business. Talent Strategy Partners clearly understood our values and culture, built them into the design process, and reflected them in the model.

Andrea Wachob-Kaelin

Former Director Compensation and Organization Effectiveness, Main Line Health System
Now System Director Human Resources, Palmetto Health

The methodology used by Talent Strategy Partners’ [at Main Line Health] allowed us to quickly identify key issues so that the team could begin to work through them in our first meeting. Without their process, it would have taken months just to figure out what our issues were.

Scott Purvis

Former Vice President Human Resources, Lowe’s
Now Vice President Human Resources, Berry Global, Inc.

I simply want to express my gratitude to the two of you for a high-quality selection process to identify my new HRD “go-forward” team [at Lowe’s]. Your approach allowed for a rich discovery process, ultimately giving me a team I will put up against anyone! I enjoyed working with you and hope we will have the opportunity to do so down the road. I now fully appreciate why you have ‘partners’ in your firm’s name.

Senior Director

Fortune 500 Company

This assessment really did tell me much of what I already knew about myself. The key for me was that it really did give me insights situationally so that I could discuss them with Pat relative to how to address and manage my strengths and opportunities for development. It really showed me overall what helps me progress but also what behaviors and things about myself that are or could hold me back.

Paul Yakulis

Senior Vice President, Main Line Health System

One example of cultural change driven by [Talent Strategy Partner’s] Culture Engine process is ‘System-Wide Thinking’. With a focus on this competency, localized thinking and behavior is receding and is being replaced with initiatives to standardize clinical protocols across all facilities with the goal to achieve clinically integrated networks. Job rotations among the facilities are now becoming the norm and the sharing of best practices has become an organizational standard. The process made the link between culture and the strategic business plan, which meant the business plan was setting the tone for the behaviors expected of everyone.